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ប្រធានបទៈសិល្បៈ Blind Auditions
ដោយ: My នៅ 2019-03-02 00:48

Connection between each PC within the same vlan but different switches

ប្រធានបទៈVlan Trunk Switch

This lab is talking about how to arrange connection between each PC within the same Vlan but different Switches. Refer Lab scenario: Material:  There are 4 PC (PC-A, PC-B, PC-C and PC-D) and 2 Switches. Lab Topology: Lab Requirement:  
ដោយ: Hokheng Hou នៅ 2019-03-02 00:48

Static Route to Provide Network Connectivity between each PC

ប្រធានបទៈStatic Route Vlan Telnet Connectivity

This lab is focusing on basic Static Route, Vlan, Telnet, used to connect all network together in order to provide network connectivity between each PC (refer to the network topology), telnet to relevant equipment. Material: 1.Two 1841 Cisco Routers 2.Four 2950-24 Cisco Switch 3.Four PC
ដោយ: Hokheng Hou នៅ 2019-03-02 00:48

Do you want security, comfort, or to be rich the most?

ប្រធានបទៈSecurity Comfort Rich
ដោយ: Hokheng Hou នៅ 2019-03-02 00:48

Accredited Investor

ប្រធានបទៈInvestor Accredited Income

The SEC definition of an accredited investor today is:
ដោយ: Property នៅ 2019-03-02 00:48

What is bitcoin? Is it bad investment?

ប្រធានបទៈbitcoin investment
ដោយ: Hokheng Hou នៅ 2019-03-02 00:48

The 7 habits of highly effective people

ប្រធានបទៈThe 7 habits ebook

The 7 Habits of Hightly Effective People's ebook can be download here:
ដោយ: Hok Heng នៅ 2019-03-02 00:50



ដោយ: Rathmony នៅ 2019-03-02 00:51

បេតិកភ័ណ្ឌពិភពលោក World Heritage

ប្រធានបទៈWorld Heritage បេតិកភ័ណ្ឌ

            All countries around the world would always to become the members of the Regions, Trade Blocks or others World Organization in order to develop their own country. Besides, Cambodia is a country which has a lot of temples and many beautiful places. The royal movement of Cambodia has tries
ដោយ: Learning English នៅ 2019-03-02 00:53

What is Plagiarism?

ប្រធានបទៈAcademic writing
ដោយ: Ma Net នៅ 2019-03-02 01:00

What is Self-Development?

ប្រធានបទៈgoal commitment yourself

Show about yourself goal and commitment for doing something.
ដោយ: Borey នៅ 2019-03-02 01:00


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