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Commission on transportation Service VS transportation Service ខុសគ្នាម៉េច( សកម្មភាពអាជីវកម្មសម្បង)?

By: Mon Piya
Date: 2024-04-09 07:00
Category: Tips
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Commission on Transportation Service:

A Commission on Transportation Service typically refers to a regulatory body or authority established to oversee and regulate various aspects of transportation services within a specific jurisdiction.
This commission may be responsible for issuing licenses or permits to transportation service providers, setting standards for safety and service quality, resolving disputes between service providers and consumers, and enforcing regulations to ensure compliance.
Its main focus is on regulating and supervising the transportation industry rather than directly providing transportation services.
Transportation Service:

Transportation Service, on the other hand, refers to the actual provision of transportation services to individuals or businesses.
This could include services such as taxi or ride-sharing services, public transportation systems (buses, trains, subways), freight transportation (shipping, trucking), and other modes of transportation.
Transportation service providers are responsible for facilitating the movement of people or goods from one place to another, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability.




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